The Coordination and Communication Division (CCD) under the Office of Vice-Chancellor functions as a bridge between the Office of the Vice-Chancellor and KU’s internal, local and national stakeholders. It communicates information to stakeholders, brings important issues to Vice-Chancellor’s notice, and coordinates meetings and collaborations.

It key responsibilities include:

  • keeping track of completed, ongoing and future activities and projects within the University, for Vice-Chancellor’s reference;
  • publishing official newsletters (digital and printed) on behalf of Office the Vice-Chancellor; 
  • preparing research-based, book-length elaboration of the University’s long term plans and policies (by documenting global trends, delineating KU’s foundations and suggesting frameworks for implementation); 
  • arranging Vice-Chancellor’s presence in different forms (e.g. meetings and programs) and locations for KU’s internal stakeholders. 

Our Team


Prof. Dr. Bibhuti Ranjan Jha



Mr. Saroj Thapa


Who should contact CCD and why?

All the stakeholders—the Schools, Departments, Directorates, Centers, Divisions, Units, and Organizations within Kathmandu University and institutions in its associations and different sectors of society at the local and national levels, including academia, governmental institutions, media, and the general public, can contact CCD for any relevant reasons, or simply to communicate important information or to collaborate with the university.

The Vice-Chancellor, as the chief executive of the institution, generally remains busy with multiple responsibilities, including day-to-day management and academic issues alongside policy issues. Hence the need for CCD, which, as mentioned above, functions as a special unit at the VC’s Office, to help KU’s stakeholders with, among other things, communication, coordination, appointments, meetings, and collaborations.